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Our Impact

Hartman Dental 5K

Since 2015, our team at Hartman Dental Associates and Hartman Dental for a Reason has hosted our annual 5K to benefit local organizations throughout Kentuckiana.​

Beginning with small numbers and high hopes, we launched our first 5K at the New Albany Waterfront Park with roughly one hundred participants and just a few supporters. Our first 5K raised enough funding to assist in the creation of the Pat Harrison Cancer Resource Center at Norton Hospital in Clark County. We encourage you to visit the center and check out our walkway brick!

Since our initial Hartman Dental 5K, we have had the opportunity to benefit multiple nonprofit organizations throughout Kentuckiana including Brandon's House Counselling Center, Habitat for Humanity Floyd County, the Jan Loi Memorial Endowment Fund which offers resources and opportunities to members of the New Albany Catholic Deanery, and recently, Scarlet's Hope Ministries and Scarlet's Bakery.


While we are eternally grateful for the opportunity to host the Hartman Dental 5K, we are equally excited for our new adventure coming January 29, 2020. Check out the Taste of Hope Gala page for more information about our upcoming event.


Pat Harrison Cancer Resource Center at Norton Hospital, 2015.


Brandon's House Counseling Center, 2016.


Habitat for Humanity, Floyd County, 2017.


Scarlet's Hope Ministries and Scarlet's Bakery, 2018.


Jan Loi Memorial Endowment Fund, 2015-2018.

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